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What about going Safari in West Crete? Visit Menies beach!

  A visit to the beach of Menies is not only about going to another great beach to swim. It combines history (from 530 BC to 9th century AC and 1940s), wild Cretan nature and a beautiful and quiet beach. The total distance that you have to cover to get to the edge of the [...]

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Sail it! The unconventional way to visit Balos and Gramvousa!

  Balos Beach You want to visit Balos but you do not want to drive and hike to reach there? You want to go to Gramvousa Islet and to Balos but you want to use your own plan and flexibility and not follow the ferries schedule? Then Sail it! If you are a [...]

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Lazy or Active Traveller; all you need to know for Elafonisi!

  Whether you are the kind of traveller that wants to spend each day of his/hers holidays as productive as possible or as lazy as possible this article will give you all the details you need! Your trip starts from Kissamos and goes through traditional villages to end in Elafonisi. By spending a day you [...]

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Kalathenes, the traditional Cretan village with a Venetian touch!

Kalathenes is a village 12km from Kissamos that remains intact from the time. It is located in the mountains at a altitude of 290m with great views to the mountains and to the sea from some parts of it. Kalathenes Hot Spots (click to enlarge) It is a historical village with some historic [...]

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Discover the inland of Kissamos – Sirikari Gorge

Sirikari Gorge West Crete is full of unique gorges waiting for you to explore. If you like hiking the Sirikari Gorge is one that you should definitely visit. It starts from Sirikari village and goes to Polyrinia village and it is considered to be easy and safe for the whole family! It is one [...]

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