Dear travelers,

We are aware that you can be worried on traveling and your holidays, however, we try from our side to protect you, your families and your friends while you stay with us!

Currently the situation in Crete is calm with life back to normal. Cafes, taverns and organised beaches are operating as in the past, however, protective measures are taken.

Despite the fact that Crete had minimum to zero cases of Covid-19 we took extra measures to keep you safe.


  • We set as policy as minimum a day gap between two stays.
  • We clean the house following the suggestions and advises of the World Health Organisation and of local tourism authorities.
  • We provide you with hygiene equipment (antiseptic gel, protective masks, gloves and antibacterial spray for every kind of surface) while at Villa Veghera to make you feel even more comfortable.
  • We offer contactless check-in and check-out upon request.

Cleaning of Villa Veghera

1. We wear protective gear while we clean. Disposable gloves and 3-layer masks.

2. We ventilate rooms before and after we clean for at least an hour.

3. We clean and then disinfect surfaces and appliances used by our guests. Paper towels are used to clean.

4. We wash all linens, towels and covers at the highest heat setting recommended by the manufacturer.

Do you want something extra to be done prior your arrival? Please do not hesitate to request it!