Veghera is an old Cretan custom that supports the interpersonal communication between friends, relatives or residents of a village.

Veghera takes place at night when both kids and adults are back home. Kids are playing around while at the same time the “older” kids are chatting. Drinks, beverages and deserts are an integral part of it. The favorite drink for such events is the traditional tsikoudia (or raki). It really does help everyone to come into a festive state!

We, at Villa Veghera, try to promote any activity that will bring you together. All the high-tech gadgets of our days do not help at all the interpersonal relationships. Everyone is stuck behind his/her computer screen or even worse the cell phone. Holidays in a destination like Crete/Kissamos is the ideal choice for the family or a group of friends to come really closer and spend quality time together.

With this on mind we set up the villa as a vacation rental home that offers plenty of spots for all of you to sit together and for the kids to play safe in the garden and the pool. We keep trying to improve the experience offered and hopefully provide you with a wide variety of group activities in the area of the villa but also outside the home, in the magnificent nature of west Crete.

Be posted for all the news and we hope you do your next veghera here with us!

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