It is September 8th and my first post couldn’t be something different than why autumn in Crete could be that special!

Visiting Crete and Kissamos during autumn is a really a good idea! The climate is mild letting you to explore Chania prefecture in full. Summer might be considered the ideal time of the year to visit Crete but there are some really strong points to consider…

1. First of all, the weather is really nice!
During summer the temperature might exceed 40 C. During autumn the temperature varies from 17, late November, to 32, early September. There are no strong winds during this time of the year and rain is not a big deal in Crete. You can enjoy both the sea, no sunburns included, and the mountains/inner land of Crete is greener than ever!

Samaria Gorge Chania

Samaria Gorge Chania

2. The island is not that Crowded!
During summer visitors coming to Crete are significantly more than autumn. It is going to be much easier to find a place anywhere. Beach, restaurants and bars would be much more accessible to you without any delays to be served.

3. Enjoy more activities!
Are you a fun of hiking, mountain biking, water sports? E4 tracking routes begin from Kissamos area, mountain bike routes are available all over the prefecture, small or bigger gorges are open for you to explore them. You can arrange a day trip to in Samaria Gorge-Sougia Beach and then back to Kissamos. It is going to be an unforgettable experience. More details about this day will come soon in our future posts and will be included in our Insider’s Guide!

4. Crete has the longest summer in Europe!
Do you love the sea? You can even enjoy swimming in November! Some places in west Crete such as Falasarna and even more Elafonisi are having significantly higher temperature than the rest of the Crete. Elafonisi, llocated in the south-west edge of Crete offers high temperatures even during November. Enjoy the sea there, eat fish from the local fishermen, stop to watch the Topolia gorge and visit the cave of Santa Sofia! Another day trip, another future blog post!

5. Money matters!
As money matters, booking during autumn it is much more economic than in summer! Enjoy more for less!

Image credits:
Elafonisi Beach photo by Jeremy Vandel
Samaria Gorge photo by Andree & Edward